Service Paws Of Central PA

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Service Paws of Central Pennsylvania (SPCP) our mission: “Supporting Service Dogs and Those They Serve”.

The SPCP was established in November of 2011 by Ms. Leslie Kelly.

Ms. Kelly, is a resident of Altoona, PA and is a Service Animal user herself.  Ms. Kelly is Deaf and “Nokie” is a Hearing Dog that was trained by the organization, Susquehanna Service Dogs, Located in Harrisburg, PA.

SPCP is a non-profit, non-residential, community based agency that consists of an advisory board of 15 members and they are volunteers. SPCP was derived with the goal of helping individuals financially, obtain a Service or Assistance Animal and to help defray veterinary costs for those that currently use a service dog.

SPCP is able to provide these services to approved individuals through fundraising event, monetary donations from the public and redemption of aluminum soda/beer can tabs. Service Paws of Central Pennsylvania’s goal is to educate the public on how these remarkable companions serve and assist their human partners in need.